Pâtisserie Gordana, your pastry shop and bakery in LaSalle

Pâtisserie Gordana is an independent, family-run bakery and delicatessen known throughout LaSalle for its fresh food and affordable prices. Come and taste our savoury pastries and european delicacies or order cakes and food platters suitable for any occasion. 

pain artisanal

European Delicacies

We're proud to be one of the only restaurants in Montreal to make sought-after Eastern-European pastries and dishes such as ćevapi and burek.

gâteau blanc et bleu à trois couches

Custom Cakes

Have a specific cake in mind or need to find ideas from our cake gallery? Either way, we can design and bake the perfect cake for a birthday, a wedding, or any other occasion.

croissants sésame


Whether you want to serve your guests some of our most popular dishes or a variety of sweet treats, we can cook up a real feast for all of your special events,